Zach Wilson Is Taken Off The Field By The Jets During The Third Quarter Of Their Game Against The Jaguars

Developing Perfect Storm Of Jets For Thursday Night Football

The Jacksonville Jaguars watched a totally different game unfold as they maintained their playoff drive on a night when the boisterous New York Jets crowd was fiercely opposing their second-year quarterback.

With a 19-3 victory over the Jets, Jacksonville finished Thursday Night Football with a 7-8 record, their third straight victory, and their fourth victory in their last five games.

The Jaguars have won three games in the last 11 days after only having three victories in 2021. Lawrence was able to coax the Jaguars to five touchdown drives against one of the top defences in the NFL while Wilson was booed drive after drive during a 9-of-18, 92-yard performance.

Lawrence had a passer rating of 86.6 for the evening after completing 20 of his 31 passes (64.5%) for 229 yards (7.4 yards per attempt). He also played nearly error-free football.

Travis Etienne recorded his first 1,000-yard running season with 83 yards on 22 carries in Jacksonville on a night when the Jaguars exorcised demons. Evan Engram led the offence with seven receptions for 113 yards.

The Jaguars Should Be Concerned About The Jets ' Defence.

The Jets are a squad that will put a lot of emphasis on playing strong defence. In terms of yards allowed, their defence is third in the NFL statistically. That’s not going to be good for the Jaguars’ offence, which can occasionally be sluggish. Trevor Lawrence won’t have it easy against the secondary and rookie star cornerback Sauce Gardner.

For the Jets, Gardner has been more than reliable. To date, he has made 58 solo tackles and two interceptions. Jaguar supporters do not want to see this statistic rise. In his last six games, Lawrence has only thrown one interception. He has been fortunate on a handful of his passes that have gotten past the hands of some defensive backs. Unfortunately, during this time he has fumbled four times.

There are several flaws in the Jets’ defence that help the Jaguars’ strategy. The Jets will undoubtedly use a pass rush, but the Jaguars prefer their crossing routes and may use some stacked formations to impede it. Although they perform well against the run, the linebackers are weak in their coverage. Close end When the team has to advance the chains to win games, Evan Engram has shown to be a dependable target. With his reception and stepping out of bounds to preserve the final timeout, Engram did everything in his power to keep the Jaguars in the Cowboys’ game.

The Jets’ defensive front often lines up in a wide 9 formation, leaving them vulnerable to runs up the middle. The interior offensive line should be able to create openings for running back Travis Etienne in this area, which the Jaguars should be able to take advantage of.

However, they will need to take into consideration defensive lineman Quinnen Williams, who has had limited practise time this week but is expected to participate. Whenever the coaching staff decides to try to run Etienne up the middle, he will have something to say. The run will be established, allowing for play-action plays.

Against The Jets, The Jaguars' Defence Needs To Play Its Part.

Despite the Jaguar defense’s poor performance this season, the Jets’ offence presents a favourable matchup that needs to be taken advantage of. An offence that has thrown 11 interceptions this year should be easily defeated by Mike Caldwell’s unit, which excels at forcing turnovers. The 12 interceptions the Jaguars have made this year have come at some crucial junctures to keep the club in games. The Jaguars currently have a turnover ratio of +4.

The problem has been permitting the wide receivers on the other team to catch a lot of passes. The only secondary player who has been able to hold his own each week is Tyson Campbell. The nickel position on the opposing side of the field is an exception to this rule.

The roster has been updated to include Gregory Junior. Mike Caldwell claimed that he has been working on his game after practise. If he gets his shot inside, that would be interesting. Tre Herndon has continued to be a liability in coverage without assistance, allowing a completion percentage of 72.7 percent.

Truth be told, the Jaguars’ aim will need to be played consistently in either case. Utilize the opportunity when it arises to force turnovers on short fields. If the defence contributes points, the Offense won’t take offence either. The way Rayshawn Jenkins played last week against the Cowboys was a prime illustration of rising to the occasion when the secondary needed it.

The Perfect Matchup Will Be Between The Jaguars And The Jets.

This contest has the potential to be a fun game. The condition of the weather could influence how the game is conducted. The Jaguars can exploit a Jets defence if they can incorporate some short throw plays alongside their running game.

With Zach Wilson at quarterback, the Jets’ offence has had trouble, and this week’s game shouldn’t be any different. Wilson won’t likely get much room to breathe from the Jets. By putting the game-changers on sweeps or screens to take use of their skill sets, the Jets need to be more inventive with their playcalling.

The Jaguars’ defence will not be the first to see teams spread them out and benefit from spacing. It has been challenging for the linebackers and defensive backs to regularly make tackles in the open field.

Each of these teams’ advantages and disadvantages are equally balanced. against the explosive Jaguar offence, the Jets’ defence. a faltering Jets offence up against a shrewd Jaguars defence. The outcome of this game will depend on Trevor Lawrence, a rising star. Will he be able to defeat the Jets in less-than-ideal weather conditions now that he is who he was drafted to be?

Zach Wilson Is Beginning To Seem Like A Lost Cause After The Jets ' Humiliating Loss To The Jaguars.

In the first half, the Jets’ offence accumulated 66 yards and three first downs. They went three and out to open the second half.

At MetLife Stadium, it was windy and pouring, but Lawrence didn’t seem to mind much. Wilson struggled to make easy passes. Some fans are encouraged by Wilson’s ability to scramble and throw the ball far, but he hasn’t proven he can play inside the lines of an NFL offence.

Not yet, at least. He still has time to grow. He’s been hampered by injuries. All those Jets supporters were booing for a purpose, though. When Mike White took over for Wilson a few weeks ago, Jets players were eager to play for him for a reason.

Wilson was back in action because White is injured. Wilson’s outcomes haven’t really changed much since the last time.


It began with the first season. The Jets recovered Lawrence’s fumble at the Jaguars’ 16-yard line. Wilson was sacked on third down because he failed to recognise safety Andre Cisco in a blitz. No one was aware of the play. That might come with being a rookie quarterback. Just by now, you’d like to see more development.

"Zach Wilson lose his job!" Robert Saleh on postgame New York Jets loss to Jacksonville Jaguars 19-3



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