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Trump Scores Record Win in Iowa; DeSantis Finishes a Distant 2nd

With his victory, Donald J. Trump is one step closer to getting his desired rematch with Joe Biden. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ unexpected victory revitalised his campaign.

“Trump secured a significant victory, fresh from Iowa. Donald J. Trump clinched a decisive win in the Iowa Caucus on Monday night, while Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida secured a crucial but distant second place in the state where he had invested his political future. DeSantis also claimed victory in South Carolina, finishing just behind, albeit with less optimism. The recent weeks’ campaign fervor faced resistance among Iowa’s conservative voters. Mr. Trump not only won in Iowa’s Republican stronghold, Des Moines, and the surrounding areas but also in the college-educated Republican bastions, where hopes were high for Mrs. Haley.

Mrs. Haley’s campaign hoped to continue gaining strength in her home state next month, but DeSantis is expected to expand his campaign in Iowa, as both contenders face a tight race for the nominations.

Just about half an hour after the ballots were cast, Mr. Trump was declared the winner. Following the announcement, former South Carolina Governor Mrs. Haley and Florida Governor Mr. DeSantis engaged in a seat swap for the second-place position in the heated competition. DeSantis’s campaign director, Andrew Romeo, labeled the early calls in the media’s caucus as an ‘electoral interference’ and described the decision as ‘completely inappropriate.’

In Clive, Iowa, at the cavernous Horizon Events Center, a few minutes before being declared the winner, Mr. Trump took an unannounced trip with his three rivals, Mrs. Haley, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. He pressed the meat onto the same caucus venue.

“I appreciate your votes; I think I deserve it,” Mr. Trump told the cheering crowd, with many rising to their feet. Mrs. Haley’s argument at the caucus site was that she would be the best candidate to defeat President Biden and end the ‘Republican anarchy,’ receiving applause in Des Moines similar to Mr. Trump’s.

In an attempt to avoid landing in third place, Mr. DeSantis spent the day making personal appearances and participating in media interviews. “We are moving forward with this,” DeSantis told NBC News to calm down the speculation. “We are here for the long term.”

Between brisk winds and chilly temperatures, voter turnout was low, perhaps significantly so. In Grinnell, along with caucus sites at the Sycamore Center in Sioux City, officials had run out of registration forms on the same day as Democrats and independent candidates applied to register as Republicans.

Here’s what else you need to know:

AccuWeather’s Chief Meteorologist Jonathan Porter noted that voter turnout was significantly lower than the previous caucus due to harsh weather conditions, with temperatures feeling below zero in northern Iowa and 30 degrees below zero near Des Moines.

After Monday, post-caucus migration begins in New Hampshire, where the nation’s first Republican primary will be held next Tuesday. All top finishers are planning to go there, although Mr. Trump plans to stay in New York City for the first day of the second test to face allegations made by author E. Jean Carroll. Mr. DeSantis will first stop in South Carolina. Forecasters in New Hampshire are predicting more snowfall and colder temperatures.””The post-caucus migration to New Hampshire is underway, despite the difficult weather. The leading candidates are getting ready for next Tuesday, which is the first Republican primary in history. On the first day of the second exam, Mr. Trump has chosen to remain in New York City in order to respond to the accusations made by novelist E. Jean Carroll. Conversely, Mr. DeSantis intends to make South Carolina his first stop before moving on to New Hampshire.



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