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Toyota halts shipment a number of vehicles because of certification issues

Toyota Motor declared that it would stop producing many vehicles, such as the Hilux truck and the Land Cruiser 300 SUV, after irregularities in the certification testing of diesel engines produced by its subsidiary Toyota Industries were found.

Anomalies found by a special investigating team were uncovered during horsepower output testing conducted during the certification of three diesel engine models.

Toyota Has Ceased Model Delivery Because of Issues with the Certification of Diesel Engines

Ten vehicles worldwide, according to Toyota, are powered by the affected engines. The corporation included the Hiace van, Fortuner SUV, Innova multipurpose vehicle, and Lexus-badged LX500D SUV as among of them. Toyota, the world’s biggest automobile manufacturer by sales, has been resolving a misbehavior case with falsified crash safety testing at Daihatsu, a specialty small vehicle manufacturer, on its own.

About 84,000 impacted automobile engines were sold by Toyota Industries for the fiscal year that concluded on March 31, 2023. A Toyota official could not immediately say how many of the affected vehicles the automaker had sold over the years. Toyota claims the investigation showed that the electronic control units used in engine production were different from those used to measure horsepower output. Toyota Industries’ stock dropped 4% and became negative shortly after the announcement. Toyota Motor Company’s stock ended the day 3.1% higher.

Global Issues with Diesel Engine Testing Affect Ten Toyota Models

During the special committee’s investigation, irregularities in the horsepower output testing used to certify three diesel engine types were found, according to Toyota Industries (OTCPK:TYIDY), the firm that makes diesel engines for Toyota (TM) automobiles. Ten models globally, six of which are in Japan, use the affected engines.
The company claimed that because the software used in the testing was different from the one used in mass production to evaluate horsepower output, the results appeared less varied and more smooth.

Following the discovery of inconsistent certification for diesel engines, Toyota Industries suspends deliveries

The Japanese ministry of transportation will conduct on-site inspections on Tuesday. “We recognize the gravity of the fact that the repeated certification irregularities at Toyota Industries (OTCPK:TYIDY), following those at Daihatsu, have shaken the very foundations of the company as an automobile manufacturer,” stated Toyota (TM). Last month, Toyota’s (TM) Daihatsu unit stopped exporting any cars to Japan due to crash safety checks. The business decided to compensate suppliers for the production halt as a result. Furthermore, a suspected malfunction of the airbag sensor that was missed in an earlier recall caused Toyota (TM) to recall one million cars in the United States.

Toyota Motor pauses the delivery of ten vehicle models after discovering abnormalities

Toyota Motor Corp (NYSE:TM), a Japanese automaker, declared on Monday that it will stop shipping ten distinct vehicle types after anomalies in the diesel engines provided to the company’s supplier’s certification were found.
Anomalies were found during the horsepower output testing necessary for the certification of three different types of diesel engines, and the supplier, Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), notified the manufacturer of the findings. The delivery suspension affects ten vehicles globally, including the Land Cruiser 300, Innova, Fortuner, and Hilux. Toyota took a while to respond to Benzinga’s information request.

Toyota Model Shipments Are Halted Due to Issues with Horsepower Testing

The Significance of This: Just last month, Daihatsu, a Toyota subsidiary, said that a number of its models would be halted as a result of fraud discovered in safety testing for various car models, including those provided to Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru as well as those sold under the Daihatsu brand.

Due to abnormalities in engine performance certificates, Toyota Motor has declared that it has stopped shipping 10 different vehicle types, including a few well-known SUVs. The problems were discovered through tests carried out by group company Toyota Industries. Ito Koichi, the president of the subsidiary, apologized during a press conference on Monday. He apologized sincerely for causing such a disturbance. Toyota claims that the affected vehicles include the Hiace, Hilux, and Land Cruiser 300.

Toyota Industries’ Diesel Engine Certification Issues Affect Ten Vehicle Models

The suspension came about as a result of certification problems found at another Toyota group subsidiary, Daihatsu Motor. Consequently, all of Daihatsu’s domestic plants have ceased operations. Toyota Motor, the biggest automaker in the world, has said that it has halted the worldwide shipping of 10 cars following the discovery that an affiliate had manipulated the testing of the cars’ diesel engines. This is only the most recent embarrassing problem the corporation has had to deal with.
Within a statement released on Monday, Toyota’s parent company said that the Toyota affiliate used algorithms to estimate horsepower output, resulting in “values appearing smoother with less variation.” The company claims that the vehicles “meet engine output standards” and that there’s no need to stop using the engines or vehicles.



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