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‘The Ones Who Live’ Picks Up Where ‘The Walking Dead’ Left Off. Where Was That Again?  

The new “Walking Dead” spinoff, which premieres on AMC and AMC+ this Sunday, builds on more than ten years of background. We are here to help.  

“The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live,” a six-part miniseries that is the latest installment in the expansive “Walking Dead” world, will premiere on AMC and AMC+ on Sunday. In their much anticipated comebacks, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira portray Rick Grimes and Michonne, the well-worn survivors of a postapocalyptic landscape overrun by flesh-eating zombies. The show’s most beloved and enduring characters were Michonne, the katana-wielding warrior with a golden heart, and Rick, the fearless commander who had served as a sheriff before. Rick and Michonne’s love partnership late in the season offered a pleasant break from the grisly scenes and killing, before they both left the show in Seasons 9 and 10, respectively.  

Picking up where the last season left off, “The Ones Who Live” focuses on the couple’s adventures after the show. But it also has a variety of characters, locations, and things that are either mentioned or seen in “The Walking Dead” and its spinoffs. These include Civic Republic, a dystopian metropolis, the C.R.M. military, and Pollyanna McIntosh’s crafty antagonist Jadis. Twelve years and eleven seasons of backstory are also worth keeping in mind, in addition to an abundance of lore that involves complex doublecrosses and flash-forward childbirths.If any of that seems vaguely familiar to you, or if you abandoned up on “The Walking Dead” before the eleventh and final season of the programme, like millions of other fans did  

How is Rick doing?  

Many fans assumed Rick Lincoln would pass away, as many other characters have in the past, when they learned he would be leaving “The Walking Dead” at some point in the ninth season. That anticipation was certainly heightened by the events of Lincoln’s final episode, “What Comes After,” in which Rick was left seriously injured and in imminent peril due to a swarm of walkers around him. Rick sees friends and family he has lost over the years, including Shane (Jon Bernthal), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), and his first wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), closing in on him, which furthers the impression that these are his final moments on earth.  

Why not just now, after six years?  

“The Walking Dead” flashbacks to show an older Judith, Rick’s daughter, and, in a startling turn of events, another boy, whom Michonne gave birth to after Rick disappeared, six years after Rick’s departure. (Carl, Rick’s first son and a recurrent character on the show, died in Season 8.) Because of the time leap, Michonne has time to grieve off-screen, but when we see her again, she is still full of faith that she will eventually find Rick.  

Does she know where Rick is?  

Rick used a package of dynamite to blow out the group of walkers after him prior to his stunning escape. His body was thrown out of harm’s path, but his loved ones thought he had died in the explosion. After the time jump, everyone seems to have accepted Rick’s passing that day, even though Michonne is still struggling to accept it fully. Later on, though, she discovers a pair of Rick’s boots and multiple drawings of her and Judith inside a closed naval base, which gives her hope that her husband is still alive.  

What happened to Michonne?  

In the halfway point of Season 10, Michonne embarks on a mission to locate Rick, scouring the rural areas for clues, in the concluding episode of Gurira. We see her one more time in the series finale, clearly no closer in her pursuit of him but still determined to locate him at all costs. That pursuit will eventually bring her to the Civic Republic, even though she isn’t aware of it yet.  

What and where it is is the Civic Republic.  

Hundreds of thousands of people live in a sophisticated totalitarian city called the Civic Republic, a dystopian metropolis located in the centre of what was once Philadelphia’s downtown. It has running water, air conditioning, and farmer’s markets but none of the liberties. The residents are referred to as “citizens of the Republic,” and the administration routinely expels anyone who seems to be a leader or a free thinker in order to maintain their compliance. They are a part of a strong alliance with two of the few other secure, functioning cities in America, and they have their own state-of-the-art police force and military, known as the Civic Republic Military, or C.R.M. Portland, Oregon. 

Who are the C.R.M.’s bad guys?  

superior than the undead even. While the C.R.M.’s objectives are still unknown, viewers of the short-lived “Walking Dead” spinoff “The World Beyond” might be able to piece more of it together. In that mostly Omaha-set show, the C.R.M. are brutal and vicious rulers who will do everything it takes to keep the Civic Republic running smoothly. Overcrowding and resource scarcity put the Republic in jeopardy, so the C.R.M. launches a full-scale genocide that employs chlorine gas to wipe off Omaha. That plan and its disastrous outcomes will most likely be mentioned in “The Ones Who Live.”  

Again, what’s the deal with Jadis?  

Jadis, sometimes known as Anne, was the former commander of the Scavengers, a motley bunch of junkyard workers engaged in the battle between Negan and his Saviours gang and Rick and his Alexandrian army. Jadis apparently agreed to a one-sided agreement that offered her people an abundance of supplies and weapons in exchange for assisting Rick in toppling Negan. But when the time came, she turned against him, siding with Negan in exchange for an even bigger deal.It didn’t really help her, though, as Jadis was left standing after Negan’s allies decimated the Scavengers, having suffered from terrible stress. Following her, Jadis seemed to shed her evil demeanour and integrate herself into the community. 



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