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The 13-year-old boy is said to be the first to “beat” Tetris

The first person to ‘beat’ Tetris is thought to have been 13-year-old Willis Gibson. The original Nintendo Tetris game froze when Oklahoman competitive player Willis Gibson got too far in the game. He later said, “It’s like I can’t feel my fingers.” On December 21, 13-year-old Willis Gibson, unable to believe what he had just accomplished, put his hand on his head and swayed back and forth on a chair in his Stillwater, Oklahoma, bedroom. He was locked in Tetris, and his score was “999999.” In his triumph video, which he posted on YouTube on Tuesday, Willis utters the words “Oh my God,” which reverberate in a high pitch as he reclines in his chair. “I can’t feel my fingers.”

Tetris: A Relentlessly Entertaining Game

In the Nintendo original version of the game, Willis became the first player to get to the point where the game halted, a feat previously only credited to artificial intelligence. Tetris, a 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System game, was created by software developer Alexey Pajitnov and contains falling shapes that move continuously across the player’s screen. Stopping blocks from building up is the goal. Blocks can be rotated and positioned by players to create solid lines that eventually disappear. It continues to be of the most well-liked and enduring video games ever made. In theory, a player with sufficient skill can continue the game forever. But for a long time, Level 29—where the blocks fall so quickly that it seems impossible for ahuman to stay current. However, a new generation of Tetris players has pushed those limits in recent decades.

Willis’s Journey and the Game’s Boundaries*

When Willis reached the “kill screen” of Tetris on Level 157, the limitations of the coding rendered the video game unusable. (In the video, Willis is shown as having achieved Level 18 when the game freezes. This is a result of the code’s inability to advance over that height.) In an interview on Tuesday, Willis—who has been playing Tetris competitively under the moniker Blue Scooty since 2021—said he was “extremely excited.” His adventure with Tetris started when he saw YouTube gameplay videos and began gathering the required accessories to play the game’s earlier iterations. His attraction to the game was its “simplicity.”

Issues and Assistance from the Community

“Starting is easy, but mastering it is genuinely challenging,” he stated in an interview. (Even record-breakers have to do their duties; Willis’s mother, 39-year-old Karen Cox, said he had just finished emptying the dishwasher when a reporter from The New York Times called.) To get her kid started, Mrs. Cox had purchased an ancient cathode-ray tube television and a RetroN, a clone of the original Nintendo console that used hardware like that of the original Nintendo system, from a pawn shop. Willis claimed to spend close to 20 hours a week playing Tetris. High school maths teacher Mrs Cox stated, “I genuinely agree with it.”Besides playing Tetris, he engages in other activities, so it Not too difficult to say it’s alright. It was as difficult to find an old CRT TV as it was to say, “Yes, we can do this for a while.”

Modifying Tetris’s Strategies & Tactics

Hackers have been “defeating” Tetris by manipulating its software for decades. However, it’s thought that Willis—who has emerged as one of the nation’s best Tetris players in recent years—was the first to accomplish it using the original gear.

The Classic Tetris World Championship’s president, Vince Clemente, declared, “This has never been done by a human before.” He continued, “It’s essentially something that everyone considered impossible until a few years ago.” Beating rivals is typically the aim in competitive Tetris instead than getting the greatest score. The idea of “trying to have an accident” is very different. It’s all about getting by. Willis stated, “The main strategy is to play as safe as you can.” According to David MacDonald, a competitive Tetris player and developer of video game material, it’s a little more complicated than that. The “rolling technique,” which involves tapping quickly with multiple fingers rather than just one or two, has been popular among elite players in recent years. This invention has altered the realm of a match of Tetris. As many points as possible are being collected by more elite players before they are “heading towards disaster.”

*Shri MacDonald’s Tetris Mastery Insights

It was said by Shri MacDonald, “This Tetris talent has just emerged, completely dominating the pro-Tetris scene.” By the end of this month, Willis’s next competition is slated to take place in Waco, Texas, in October. To date, he has participated in Tetris tournaments and made close to $3,000. Players of Tetris will have more options thanks to his accomplishments. For example, Willis cleared a block line to cause the freeze. According to MacDonald, if the double line had been cleared, the game would not have paused. He said that no one had ever reached such triggering points previously and that the game was never intended to go on for this long. “Now that this has happened, it’s a new phase or a new challenge,” MacDonald stated. “The last Year, when we all realised, “Oh, this is how it’s done, you can have an accident,” people began vying to be the first. However, a whole new dilemma has emerged. How long can you progress after the accident instead of overcoming it?” It is unlikely that Willis will be playing PlayStation 5 anytime soon. He stated, “I really don’t like new games as much as old ones.”



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