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Saturday Night Live: Nikki Haley cameo ruins otherwise strong episode

In an unexpected and funny cameo on “Saturday Night Live,” Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley posed a series of pointed questions to a cast member portraying her opponent, Donald Trump.
At the end of the concert, a beaming Haley also spoke the famous phrase, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” After other participants had their turn, Haley went on stage and started grilling “Trump,” played by James Austin Johnson, to the cheers of the live audience. This was a fictitious CNN town hall in South Carolina. In an unexpected and funny cameo on “Saturday Night Live,” Nikki Haley posed a series of pointed questions to a cast member portraying her Republican opponent, Donald Trump.

Nikki Haley’s SNL cameo: making fun of Trump and poking fun

A glistening Haley’s closing line for the NBC program was, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” a reference to the weekend event. The guest host of the show, actor Ayo Edeberi, made fun of Haley’s recently-publicized blunder when he was asked what caused the Civil War.
Following her performance, Haley tweeted, “Had a blast tonight on SNL.” I knew it was past Donald’s bedtime, but I was still ready for the insane tweet storm that would ensue in the morning. In the first farce, which portrayed a fictitious CNN town hall with “Trump,” portrayed by James Austin Johnson, answering questions from the audience, Haley made an appearance. Kenan Thompson, who played “Charles Barkley,” hosted the town hall and opened the meeting.

Haley’s Unexpected Arrival in the SNL Town Hall Skit

Haley got up to a whoop from the live audience. “My question is, why won’t you debate Nikki Haley?” Haley questioned, “Trump.” “Oh my god, it’s her!” exclaimed the female “Trump” security guard on January 6. It’s Representative Nancy Pelosi. “Barkley” brought up Pelosi’s nonattendance. Hello and how are you, Donald? Haley stated that a mental ability assessment might be necessary. Trump informed her that she had “aced” the test as soon as possible, saying, “They told me I’m competent because I’m a man and I’m 100% mental.”

“Women should never run our economy,” he continued.”Women are terrible when it comes to money.” He brought up the sum of money writer E. Jean Carroll recently won from a civil jury in New York for being defamed by the actual Trump after she claimed he had raped her. “In fact, a woman I know recently asked me for $83 million,” he stated.

Jest of Ayo Edeberi: Haley’s Idiocy During the Civil War

“And you spent $50 million in your own legal fees,” Haley chuckled. Do you require a loan of funds?” Then, in a manner reminiscent of Donald Trump, “Trump” began generating names for Haley. After generating other moniker combinations, such as “Nikki-Tikki-Tavi,” “Nikki Don’t Lose that Number,” and so forth, he eventually devised a moniker mashup that fused her with the lead actor from “The Sixth Sense.”

“Nikki Haley Joel Osman, we call her,” he replied. “‘Sixth Sense,’ remember that one: ‘I see dead people.'” Haley continued: “Yeah, that’s what voters will say if they see you and Joe [Biden] on the ballot.” “Trump” sighed, “That’s not nice,” and maintained that he had always been kind to Haley, with the exception of the one instance in which it seemed he was implying she wasn’t a native of the country. “Even though you were born in South Carolina, and I’m gonna beat you in your state,” he replied. “And did you win your home state in the last election?” Haley enquired.

SNL Jokes: In a debate, Haley challenges “Trump”

In response, “Trump” says, “I won Staten Island!” Trump, a defeated candidate in his own New York in both the 2016 and 2020 elections, claimed, “And the parts of Long Island where the fist fights happen, where they get out of the cars if you honk your horn at them.” Then Edeberi, who starred in the FX comedy “The Bear” on Hulu, got up and asked Haley a question. This was her opportunity to retaliate with a quip.

Just wondering what you thought was the primary reason behind the Civil War and if you believed that slavery was the ending or the beginning.” Edeberi enquired. In December, Haley was asked at a New Hampshire town hall what she believed to be the cause of the Civil War.
When I originally responded, she said that it wasn’t about “slavery,” but rather about “the freedoms of what people could and couldn’t do.” “What do you want me to say about slavery?” Haley asked a question after learning from her interrogator that it was “astonishing” that she had not used the word slavery in her response.



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