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Russian Missiles Hit Ukrainian Cities Amid Fears Over Air Defenses

According to local and military officials, on Tuesday, Russia launched a relentless barrage of cruise and ballistic missiles on Ukrainian cities, resulting in substantial civilian casualties, including 63 injured, with at least five fatalities, including children. With Russian artillery targeting major Ukrainian cities, the assault raises serious concerns about the nation’s airspace security. According to the Ukrainian Air Force, 41 missiles penetrated the country’s airspace during Tuesday’s onslaught. Residents could monitor the situation for about an hour using information provided by the Ukrainian government when cruise missiles were launched from Russia. As soon as the cruise missiles entered Ukrainian airspace, a rapid barrage of ballistic missiles initiated its attack.

Selective Defense Amidst the Onslaught

In a telephone conversation, Yuriy Ehanat, the spokesperson for the Air Force, revealed that out of 24 ballistic missiles, only five were intercepted, and about half of the entire barrage was successfully halted by the military. Considering the substantial percentage of ballistic missiles in Tuesday’s volley, which are more challenging to intercept, Ukraine’s success rate in comparison to previous bombings was lower, he claimed. “Our air force cannot shoot down every missile as most of them were ballistic,” noted Ehanat.

Concerns Rise Over Air Defense and Ammunition Shortages

The missile assault on Ukraine raises concerns about air defense and ammunition shortages. Residents in the capital, Kyiv, reported sighting at least one missile exploding at ground level. While it remained unclear whether the missile managed to evade Ukrainian air defense or if the warhead exploded mid-air and disintegrated, anxiety over ammunition shortages in Ukraine has intensified. The Congress has been actively blocking additional shipments, and although the Air Force claims no depletion of ammunition during Tuesday’s attack, Ehanat emphasized Ukraine’s continuous need for replenishment.

Ukrainian Success and Unsuccessful Missiles

Ehanat asserted that not all missiles were successful in bypassing Ukraine’s defense, as many landed in fields due to the diminished quality of Russian missiles. The morning of the attack witnessed Kyiv residents alarmed by the sound of explosions and gunfire from machine guns targeting cruise missiles. Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported missiles landing in the vicinity of Kyiv, causing damage. Emergency responders cleared shattered glass and debris from roads, while police cordoned off affected areas with red tape.

Missile Strikes in Kyiv and Kharkiv: Damage and Injuries

Kyiv and Kharkiv experienced missile strikes resulting in damage and injuries, with a blast reported near the Parliament and the President’s residence in central Kyiv. Sviatoshynskyi district witnessed an elderly individual evacuating injured children from a strike site. In Kharkiv, a missile hit an apartment building, causing at least 38 injuries and claiming two lives. The city, situated only 25 miles from the Russian border, endured at least four missile strikes, with the first occurring around 4 a.m. and the subsequent strike three hours later. Tetyana Derevyanko, a resident, recounted waking to a powerful explosion on the ninth floor of her apartment building. While her husband, Stas, was injured by a refrigerator knocked over during the blast, they escaped any major harm.

Resilience Amidst Destruction

An apartment building in Kyiv bore the brunt of a missile attack, yet the Ukrainian military claimed a successful interception of a cruise missile. However, the extraordinary feat remains unverified. Cruise missiles are typically countered by fighter jets or ground-based anti-aircraft missiles. The ongoing crisis underscores the urgency for continuous replenishment of Ukraine’s resources to safeguard against future attacks. The resilience of Ukrainian civilians is evident as they confront destruction and disruption, standing strong in the face of adversity.*

NATO Allocates $1.2 Billion for Crucial Artillery Amid Russia’s Assault

NATO officials in Brussels announced on Tuesday that the military alliance has secured a $1.2 billion contract for the purchase of 155-millimeter caliber artillery shells, considering Russia’s ongoing attacks on Ukraine. According to authorities, approximately 220,000 shells, a vital component of Ukraine’s military arsenal, will be distributed to member countries to replenish depleted stocks, though delivery is not expected for at least two years. NATO members must now decide whether to enhance their contributions to Kyiv.

NATO Secretary-General Addresses Supply Crisis Amid Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Secretary-General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg discussed the supply crisis in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, emphasizing the shift in dynamics in the conflict over supplies. The nature of the weapons being manufactured, whether in the United States, Europe, or elsewhere, has not been disclosed by officials. On Tuesday morning, thousands of residents across Ukraine sought refuge in basements or subway stations with their children. In Kyiv, following the explosions, some quickly ventured out to inspect their homes and business premises.

Residents Seek Shelter as Missile Strikes Affect Kyiv

In Kyiv, a food store owner, Ina Halushko, located a short distance from affected areas, expressed, “We ran to save whatever we could from our store.” Pointing towards the store, she added, “Its windows are shattered, but the building is not on fire.” Concerns were raised in Kyiv as people gathered near a structure damaged by missile debris, expressing worry over the initiation of missile supply to the city’s air defense. In a nearby building, Olesa Dubinska, a resident, declared, “If America stops supporting us, you won’t see me here next time.” She watched emergency workers clean the site with her dog, Lucky.



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