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Palworld Sells Over 1 Million Copies in Just 8 Hours as Steam Servers Struggle to Cope With Launch

Introduction to Palworld
Kibwe Tavares and Daniel Kaluuya crafted a compelling cross-generational connection in their first feature, weaving a story filled with warmth and humanity.

Palworld’s Background and Evolution

In 2020, Pocketpair made waves in the gaming world with their action-adventure RPG sandbox, Craftopia. Referenced affectionately by players as “Everything: The Game,” Craftopia was a delightful hub of possibilities at a time when we all needed it the most. It took streamers and PC gamers on a whirlwind journey and was eventually released for Xbox in a game preview. While Craftopia evolved as part of early access and game preview programs, Pocketpair has opted for another early access release. This time, Palworld is bursting with gamers in its palette, set to arrive with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on its very first day. The trailer for Palworld, much like its Craftopia predecessor, feels like a fever dream, sparking questions about what the game entails. We’ll strive to answer all those questions for you.

Palworld – Multiplayer Survival Crafting Adventure

Developed by Pocketpair, Palworld is a multiplayer survival-crafting adventure released in early access on Steam, Windows PC, and Xbox consoles for game preview. Describing “What is Palworld?” can be one of the most challenging questions in this comprehensive FAQ. Similar to its predecessor, Craftopia, Palworld features an expansive look and gameplay loop. While some liken Palworld to “Pokémon with guns,” CEO Takuro Mizobe revealed that the initial inspiration for Palworld’s early development included colony sim gameplay, eventually evolving to incorporate third-person shooter elements and survival-crafting mechanics. Players will face unique creatures known as Pal, which they can battle or collect to populate their Paldeck. Friends can be utilized for crafting, empowering assembly lines, riding mounts, or even as allies in combat. Regardless of how you categorize it, Palworld is a chaotic multiplayer game that accommodates up to 32 players, letting them do whatever their hearts desire, including battling non-Pal creatures. Cooperative play with up to four players is also possible.

Palworld Release Date

Palworld was released on January 19, 2024, on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC through Microsoft Store and Steam in early access. Continuous updates and improvements are expected, and Pocketpair has not provided any indication of when the game might reach its full and complete gaming experience. There are currently no plans to bring Palworld to Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5, but the possibility remains uncertain. Developers have decided to focus on Xbox consoles and Windows during the early access period.

Early Access and Game Preview Programs

Pocketpair is enthusiastic about releasing games in early access and game preview programs, allowing developers to issue an imperfect product for players to purchase at a reduced price, with the understanding that they may encounter more bugs and issues. While receiving feedback throughout, the collected responses can aid in making the final product significantly better. However, there is no guarantee that a game released in early access or game preview will eventually leave that state. Craftopia, Pocketpair’s previous title, has been in game preview for nearly four years, with regular content and updates, the latest in December 2023. Palworld, priced at $29.99, allows players to choose it during the early access period, potentially increasing as it develops and approaches full release.

  • Trial Access before Purchase

Before making a purchase, Palworld offers a limited free trial through Microsoft Store for Xbox consoles and Windows PC. Steam does not currently provide a free trial option. Diving into Palworld through Xbox or PC Game Pass is straightforward, but not everyone has subscribed to gaming services like Netflix. If you want to get a taste of Palworld’s early access version before pulling the trigger, a free trial is available through Microsoft Store for Xbox consoles and Windows PC. Access can be obtained from the same store page where you purchase the game (link).



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