What Is The Joke About “Lois Griffin Dead At 43”? An Explanation Of The Popular Family Guy Character Alex Borstein

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After reading the news article Lois Griffin Dead At 43, many people hurried to Google and typed in “Is Lois Griffin Dead.” Celebrity death hoaxes are increasingly a common occurrence, and false news reports frequently surface. Another victim of a death fake has now been identified; however, this victim is a fictional figure rather than a real-life star. To find out if Lois Griffin is still alive, keep reading this story.

Lois Griffin Character From Family Guy

Is Really Lois Griffin Dead?

The Lois Griffin death fake is popular on TikTok; here, we’ve outlined what you should know about Alex Borstein’s Family Guy persona.

The Family Guy character Lois Griffin recently gained popularity on social media as a consequence of a TikTok death fake that went viral. You can get all the details regarding the character right here.

On September 22, Family Guy Season 21 premiered on TV.


The animated television programme Family Guy, which stars the well-known character Lois Griffin, was created by Seth MacFarlane. It surprised fans when a TikTok trend claimed Lois Griffin had died, leading them to wonder if Alex Borstein had also died. Alex Borstein has been recognised for years as the voice of Lois Griffin.

While it looks that the Lois Griffin death trend on social media was a TikTok hoax, Alex Borstein is still alive. On December 26, 2022, Lois Griffin’s death was widely reported online. Family Guy fans created the “Lois Griffin dead at 43” fake through a prank they executed on TikTok and Twitter. It severely puzzled many viewers to think that the character was being removed from the show.

Why Is Lois Griffin At 43 Dead?

The “Lois Griffin dead at 43” prank is the most current to follow the deluge of previous innocent ones on social media platforms. Pranks have long been one of the simplest ways to gain views on TikTok and Instagram.

Celebrity death hoaxes are currently one of the most popular internet phenomena. Pranks are known to be fake and are only meant to provoke amusing reactions, unlike death hoaxes, which frequently disseminate erroneous information.

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As the most current hoax based on the Family Guy character, internet users are tricking people into thinking that Lois Griffin has passed away while filming their responses and posting the videos online.

Many internet users utilised Google to figure out who the character is, and some even uploaded amusing memes and responses to the joke.

Trending On Family Guy: Lois Griffin 's Death

The Sun claims that a joke on Tiktok was the reason Lois Griffin ‘s fabricated death story gained popularity. TikTok users recorded themselves telling their friends and relatives about Lois Griffin  non-canon death as part of the joke. The TikTok videos showed ambivalent and perplexed responses to the character’s passing. Twitter users were perplexed by the pattern, and one of them responded, “Can you people just stop posting that Lois Griffin is dead I’m becoming terrified,” in response.

Alex Borstein at the Golden Globes 2019

Lois Griffin: Who Is She?

Louis Griffin is a prominent animated television sitcom Family Guy character. She is the mother of Meg, Chris, and Stewie Griffin as well as the wife of the main character Peter Griffin. Alex Borstein, a Chicago-born actress and comedian best known for playing a supporting role in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, provides her voice.

2013’s Outstanding Voice-Over Performance Primtime Emmy was given to Borstein for her work on Family Guy. The same award for Outstanding Supporting Actress went to her for playing Susie Myerson in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

People have reacted in a variety of ways to the Family Guy fad, with many saying they just saw her on TV last week or that they will “truly miss her.” On the other end of the spectrum are those who are unsure of Lois Griffin ‘ identity.

Alex Borstein Wins Supporting Actress in a Comedy for ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ | Emmys 2019

Additionally, a lot of online users linked the actress who voiced the animation character’s demise with her own. As a result, people are looking for information about Alex Borstein’s health.

As of December 2022, it is reasonable to assume that Alex Borstein is still alive and well. Her latest video was on Instagram on December 25, 2022. She has been very active on social media.

Alex Borstein's short Video on 25-December-2022 from Instagram

Is 43-Year-Old Lois Griffin Dead?

In Season 21, the Lois Griffin character of the programme is still alive. The show’s Season 6 plot revolved around the death of her character. The episodes of Stewie Kills Lois Griffin and Lois Griffin Kills Stewie from the sixth season are divided into two halves. After getting cruise tickets from their anthropomorphic dog Brian, Lois Griffin invites her husband Peter on the holiday, which makes Stewie sad. Stewie consequently appears to kill Lois Griffin while she is on the cruise. It is shown in the second episode that Lois Griffin survived the assault and was able to recognise Stewie as the villain a year later.

In the epilogue, it is revealed that what occurred was simply a dream sequence and that Stewie had created the simulation on his computer to investigate the consequences of killing Lois Griffin.

Alex Borstein in SAG Awards 2020

The Lois Griffin Character's Voice Actor

A well-known animated character from the sitcom Family Guy is Louis Griffin. She is the wife of the main character Peter Griffin and the mother to Meg, Chris, and Stewie Griffin. Lois Griffin is voiced by Alex Borstein, a Chicago-born actress and comedian best known for her supporting performance in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Outstanding Voice-Over Performance of 2013 Borstein received a Primetime Emmy for her work on Family Guy. She received the same honour for her role as Susie Myerson in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as Outstanding Supporting Actress.

70th Emmy Awards: Alex Borstein Wins For Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series

Memes About "Lois Griffin Dead At 43" Abound.

A number of memes have emerged about the TikTokers’ videos in addition to those themselves. After hearing the hoax news, internet users shared humorous gifs and video clips capturing both their own and other people’s responses.

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