Jenna Ortega, A Wednesday Star, Is Now Our Number 1 And New Favourite Scream Queen On the Screen

If you’re watching Wednesday on Netflix and noticing that the lead actress seems eerily familiar, you’re probably onto something. Wednesday is a new mystery-adventure series that centres on the most sardonic and dryly funny member of The Addams Family during her teen years. At just 20 years old, Wednesday is portrayed by actress Jenna Ortega, who has ten years’ worth of experience working in the film and television industry. Jenna Ortega has also made a name for herself in 2022 in a group that typically includes actors like Neve Campbell and Jamie Lee Curtis: she has emerged as a scream queen.


However, Jenna Ortega ‘s role in Wednesday (where she collaborates with Tim Burton, another renowned director with a penchant for the macabre) is a far cry from some of the minor roles she played as a child; she steals the show, bringing a murder mystery, new character relationships, and, believe it or not, even a little bit of emotional growth along the way.

In addition to Wednesday, Jenna Ortega, who was recognised as a “Next Big Thing” by The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, also starred in five more feature films that were released in 2022. And that follows recent roles in films like The Babysitter: Killer Queen, a horror sequel to The Babysitter, and Season 2 of Netflix’s stalker thriller You. You don’t need to have your eyes examined if it seems like you’ve been seeing her everywhere. More information about the 2022 breakout star is provided below.

Jenna Ortega 's Most Demanding Part To Date Was Wednesday Addams In Wednesday


It was probably nice to be the first person to portray the macabre character—who made her first appearance in a New Yorker cartoon in 1938—during her teenage years, according to Jenna Ortega, who was cast in the role in May 2021. JennaOrtega claims that she’s frequently compared to Wednesday. According to her comments to Rotten Tomatoes, “I’ve been compared to Wednesday my entire life in terms of my sarcasm and dry humor, so it’s oddly fitting.”

She was anxious about changing the role, who is frequently portrayed as a younger girl, to her adolescence. “When she was younger, she might have thought some of her harsh habits were funny, but as you age, how much of that can you get away with? Or how do you maintain that aspect of her personality without making people despise or find her annoying? “In the THR article, she expressed her curiosity as well as how chopping her hair and radically altering her demeanour and speaking cadence changed her physically. “Trying to strike a balance there… I’ve never worked under so much pressure, and I’m doing my best to remain calm.”

Jenna Ortega 's Owned Horror In 2022, Making Appearances In Films Like X And Scream


Anyone who has ever seen a film in the venerable (and hugely reliable!) Scream franchise is aware that making an appearance in the opening scene is a significant (and, frequently, outrageously risky) task. Since Drew Barrymore took the test in the 1996 Wes Craven original, it has become customary for the series to begin each new instalment with a tense, horrifyingly stressful scene.

In the year 2022’s Scream, Jenna Ortega received that same distinction, becoming the first character to survive such an encounter. When speaking about the film earlier this year, Jenna Ortega told The Hollywood Reporters (THR), “It’s the nicest experience I’ve ever had on a set.” We’re merely attempting to broaden the world and present it to a more unfamiliar audience while still providing franchise lovers with some fresh excitement and a fresh perspective on the original characters.

There was more, though. Later, Jenna Ortega played prominent roles in the realistic horror film The Fallout (which is about the aftermath of a school massacre), filmmaker Ti West’s X (which featured a truly terrifying scream), and the horror/thriller/satire American Carnage (which tackles immigration among other issues). Jenna Ortega also had a cameo appearance in the fun horror film Studio 666 by the Foo Fighters.

Jenna Ortega ‘s First Movie Was In The Marvel Cinematic Universe, And Her Breakthrough Came In A Disney Channel Series


Jenna Ortega rose to fame as the star of the Disney Channel series Stuck in the Middle, and her first film job was really a little part—which she filmed at just 10 years old—in Iron Man 3. A couple Disney properties also serve as significant turning points for Jenna Ortega (though she said in a recent WIRED interview that her first film was After Words, which was released two years later in 2015).

If you recall the complex plot of that film, the vice president of the United States of America was revealed to be dishonest and conspiring with the evil Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) to obtain what amounted to a drug that could help regenerate cells and cure his daughter’s disability; Jenna Ortega appeared as the daughter for a brief period of time.

Jenna Ortega ‘S Schedule Is Still Full, And Scream 6 And Other Projects Are On The Horizon

Along with the potential Season 2 of Wednesday and the upcoming Scream sequel (due out in March), Jenna Ortega is also working on two other movies: Miller’s Girl, a dramedy in which she’ll co-star with Martin Freeman from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and Finestland, a crime drama in which she’ll star with Ben Foster, Ismael Cruz Cordova, and Tommy Lee Jones.

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