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Haley says Trump gaffe reflects mental decline; Trump gains in NH polls: Live updates

According to new polls released on Sunday, former President Donald Trump appears to be consolidating his lead among New Hampshire voters two days before of the eagerly awaited, first-in-the-nation primary. This occurred when his opponent Republicans attempted to build momentum.Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley and Florida governor Ron DeSantis are looking for a practical means of keeping Trump from handily winning the party’s primary and nomination.

In an attempt to gain momentum in the race, Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips and motivational speaker and author Marianne Williamson are attempting to leave a lasting impact on Democratic voters. President Joe Biden is being represented by a write-in campaign even though he is not on the ballot. Since this state is holding its primary earlier than the Democratic primary calendar allows this year, candidates who run here will not be able to accrue delegates to the national convention.Recent polls, which were made public on Sunday, indicated gains for Haley and Trump. The Suffolk University/NBC10 Boston/Boston Globe daily tracking poll from earlier this week showed that Trump’s lead against Haley had increased by 2 points to 19%. Trump’s lead at this stage is 55% to 36%;

Utilise our Voter Guide to assess the presidential contenders’ stances on crucial subjects in advance of the elections.A recent CNN and University of New Hampshire poll indicates that Trump has the support of 50% of the state’s likely Republican primary voters, with Haley coming in second with 39%. Both have gained popularity since the last CNN/UNH poll in early January, when Trump had 39% of the vote to Haley’s 32%, and the number of viable rivals had dropped from six to three. But suddenly there’s a double digit gap between the two leaders.

“New Hampshire Poll Results, Retail Politics, and Voter Views on Nikki Haley’s Campaign”

A CNN/UNH poll indicates that 67% of registered Republicans in the state, 71% of conservatives, and 55% of non-graduates support Trump. Haley is more well-liked than Trump among independent and college-educated voters. Nikki Haley started a full day of retail politics on Sunday by stopping at MaryAnne’s Diner in Derry.In the last hours before the Tuesday primary, the former governor of South Carolina engaged in chats with breakfast guests in an effort to convince voters that she is a better choice than the front-runner in the race and former president Donald Trump. Still, not everyone she spoke with came around.

While eating the rest of his home fries, Haley sat down with Aaron Mizen, a local Derry native who is still undecided. Their little conversation about southern barbecue reminded Mizen that Haley is “a real person,” but it didn’t change his perspective on the election.He still plans to vote based on electability and is still inclined to support Trump.He said, “I’m looking at long-term projections on the candidates.” “While I do believe in Trump, I’m also realistic and considering who will ultimately emerge as the victor.”

Donald Trump did not appear on any of the Sunday shows featuring his newest followers. Former presidential candidates Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota, who both endorsed Trump last week, predict that most Republicans will vote for the former president despite his legal problems and attacks on significant portions of the GOP.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Scott claimed that when he spoke “grievance” and “victimhood” during the campaign, he was speaking to President Joe Biden and not Donald Trump. Burgum refuted criticism of Haley’s Indian heritage and “birther” questions about her eligibility for the presidency on ABC’s “This Week,” emphasising that she is since she was born in the US. “It’s politics, I think,” Burgum declared.

Trump has denigrated E. Jean Carroll, the accuser, throughout the presidential campaign. Carroll’s lawyers now want to file a federal defamation action against him, using his current campaign remarks as leverage. Over the weekend, Carroll’s attorneys filed a motion claiming that they want to play some of Trump’s most recent statements to the jury and accusing him of lying about an alleged sexual assault that occurred on the well-known author in the 1990s. The move alludes to remarks made by Trump to reporters as recently as last week, during which he “reiterated his defamatory accusations against Ms. Carroll.

Trump’s Court Appearance, DeSantis’s New Schedule, and Haley’s Response to Attack Remarks on Capitol Hill”

After being present at the trial last week, the former president might make a statement in court on Monday. The trial is “a totally rigged deal” that amounted to “election interference,” Carroll had given “a made-up, fabricated story,” and Trump claimed he “never knew” Carroll after one of the meetings.Carroll received a $5 million judgement after a New York state jury last year judged Trump guilty of sexual abuse and slander.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cancelled his Sunday appearances on CNN’s State of the Union and NBC’s Meet the Press while he was in South Carolina on the campaign trail. Bryan Gryphon, a spokesman for DeSantis, stated that the candidate was departing on Sunday morning due to a “scheduling issue,” but he will make a comeback to campaign in New Hampshire on Tuesday and Sunday night.”We look forward to having the governor join us on the show in the near future,” the State of the Union said, and Gryphon said the interviews will be rescheduled.

Haley launched an assault on Trump on Saturday after he appeared to confuse her with California Representative Nancy Pelosi during his remarks at his rally on Friday night in Concord, New Hampshire, regarding the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. On numerous occasions, Trump misrepresented the facts when he claimed that House Speaker Pelosi denied his request to send 10,000 National Guard troops by January 6, 2021.

Trump’s Court Appearance, DeSantis’s New Schedule, and Haley’s Response to the Capitol Attack Remarks”

“Nikki Haley, are you aware that all of the data—including the accompanying documentation—was deleted and destroyed? It’s all the result of several things, including the fact that Nikki Haley is in charge of security. We provided her ten thousand people, soldiers, National Guard personnel, or anything else she asked for. They turned it down. They refuse to talk about that. “These people are incredibly dishonest,” said President Trump.

It’s alright, he was acting out because of me. He does that all the time. Even though I stopped the cops from entering on January 6, he went on to say that I did nothing to secure the Capitol, according to Haley. “Let me explain. I wasn’t in the Capitol on January 6. January 6th was not a day I worked. He raised the subject three times. He was confused.” During a speech on Saturday in Manchester, Trump cautioned Republicans once more, saying that if he easily wins in New Hampshire, he will put pressure on his rivals to leave the Republican Party.



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