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Haley Crisscrosses New Hampshire in a Last-Ditch Effort to Catch Trump

On the final day before voting starts, Nikki Haley is touring the state conducting campaign stops, and Donald J. Trump will be visiting New Hampshire afterwards. Both have rallies planned for the end of the day.

On Monday, the final day of the contest that has reduced to a contest between two candidates in New Hampshire, Nikki Haley resisted the notion that former President Donald J. Trump was about to defeat her there and solidify his hold on the nomination.

Ms. Haley declared, “America doesn’t do coronations,” during her first event of the day in Franklin, New Hampshire. “We think that there are options. Both democracy and freedom are things we hold dear. I have stated that I adore the state of “live free or die,” but what’s the truth? It should be a nation where people can live freely or perish.

In an effort to make a last-ditch effort before voters walk to the polls on Tuesday, Ms. Haley, the former governor of South Carolina and Mr. Trump’s ambassador to the UN, travelled the state. While she spent the morning courting Republicans and independents, who are eligible to vote in New Hampshire’s primaries, Mr. Trump sat in a Manhattan courtroom for his defense in a federal civil defamation case brought against him by the writer E. Jean Carroll.

The attorneys representing Mr. Trump requested that the trial be adjourned for the day because he will be returning to New Hampshire on Monday night for a campaign rally. A Covid test was being administered to one of the jurors who was ill; Mr. Trump’s attorney had also shown symptoms. Due to a possible conflict with Tuesday’s primary, Mr Trump’s attorneys requested a postponement until Wednesday, which the judge agreed to take into consideration.

Following his withdrawal from the campaign on Sunday and his endorsement of Mr Trump, the field shrunk to Mr Trump and Ms Haley.

After much waiting, Ms. Haley was able to secure a two-person contest. This gave her the chance to garner the kind of widespread opposition to Mr. Trump inside the Republican Party that would be required to overturn his lead in local and national polls.

However, Ms. Haley’s defeated opponents have not endorsed her. As a matter of fact, the majority now back Mr. Trump, highlighting the formidable obstacle she must overcome in order to gather support against the infamously vindictive Mr. Trump. It appeared especially hurtful that Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, a longtime ally of Haley’s elevated to the Senate, endorsed Mr. Trump. A last-minute support for Ms. Haley from Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey

As the primary approaches, it’s still unknown how big of an impact Mr. DeSantis’s withdrawal will have in New Hampshire: On Monday, a Suffolk University daily tracking poll indicated a minor increase for Mr. Trump.

This week, Mr. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will be the main speakers at rallies devoted to defending reproductive rights. A Texas OB-GYN who had to travel out of the state for an abortion after learning her foetus had a deadly illness is featured in another advertisement released by their campaign.

Soon after Mr. DeSantis’s resignation was announced on Sunday, Representative Richard Hudson of North Carolina and Senator Steve Daines of Montana, the chairs of the House and Senate Republican campaign arms, started to regard Mr. Trump as the likely nominee.

The Koch-backed organisation that supported Ms. Haley’s campaign, Americans for Prosperity, released a statement reaffirming its support for her.

I am here at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, for a roundtable discussion about attracting younger people that the Republican National Committee is set to host. The RNC chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, is the main attraction at the occasion. Other than Vivek Ramaswamy, the Republican presidential contenders have not made it a priority to persuade younger voters to vote in the primaries, and young Republicans have complained that they are not being courted as a voting bloc.



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