Fans of “Wednesday,” Take Note. Here Are 15 Things About Netflix Series You May Not Know

Discover the most intriguing details about Wednesday, the Netflix series that has won over viewers owing to the influence of Tim Burton, the master of the funniest fright. Knowing some of the wonderful facts that are hidden beneath many of Wednesday ‘s scenes makes the Netflix series that much more interesting. Wednesday is full with trivia and entertaining facts Netflix Wednesday. 

1. After just one week, Wednesday rose to the top spot on Netflix with more than 341,000,000 hours streamed


According to Variety, Wednesday now holds the record for the most Netflix English-language TV viewing hours in a single week. Wednesday’s viewing total was 341.2 million hours, breaking the previous record of 335.01 million hours held by Stranger Things Season 4. Squid Game, a hugely popular Korean series (571.8M hours viewed in one week). Wednesday is one of the top 10 streaming days in all 93 countries that Netflix monitors.

2. Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) is recognized as a "scream queen," a female performer revered by fans of the horror genre for her menacing performances.


Jenna Ortega has performed a number of gothic roles before, including Wednesday. In her brief career thus far, the actress has appeared in a number of scary films, including X, Scream 5, and The Babysitter: Killer Queen; her collaboration with filmmaker Tim Burton on Wednesday is merely the most recent in a long line of scary.

Scream queens, female actors renowned for their outstanding performances throughout the horror genre, are regarded by fans of the genre as Ortega. One of the best new scream queens of the last ten years is Ortega, an actress with a track record of brilliance who has been in a number of acclaimed horror films and portrayed the final girl parts.

3. The lone actor from a previous Addams Family production to participate in Wednesday 's debut season is Christina Ricci.


In the Netflix series, Marilyn Thornhill, the dorm mom, is portrayed by Christina Ricci, who gained notoriety in the 1990s for her portrayal as Wednesday Addams. The two, according to Jenna, never discussed playing Wednesday because they understood that they were two very different characters, and Jenna wanted to give the part her own unique flair. Fans of the 1990s The Addams Family films will be thrilled to see Christina Ricci, who previously played Wednesday Addams, in Wednesday. This time, Ricci takes on a different role as Marilyn Thornhill, a teacher of botany at Wednesday’s school.

When Jenna Ortega assumed the role of Wednesday, she wanted to set herself apart from Christina Ricci’s renditions of the character.

4. It's All Love: Reflections For Your Heart & Soul, Jenna Ortega's debut book, was published in 2020 when she was just 18 years old.


Numerous well-known actors have written books, including memoirs and works of fiction. Jenna Ortega, an unexpected actor who also dabbles in writing, adds yet another skill to her impressive resume at the tender age of 20.

Jenna Ortega published her first book, It’s All Love: Reflections For Your Heart & Soul, in 2020, when she was just 18 years old. There are numerous personal anecdotes of her life in the book, along with chapters on faith, manifestation, and enhancing mental health.

5. Jenna Ortega completing an entire take in Wednesday without blinking her eyes.


In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Jenna Ortega claimed that Burton asked her if she could do that for the entire series after she unintentionally completed one full take without blinking. The two had already determined that Jenna would adopt the “Kubrick gaze” for the role, but she claimed that Jenna’s refusal to blink while acting out the part truly tied everything together.

6. With around 2 months to go before filming, Jenna Ortega began studying the cello in preparation for the role of Wednesday.


The legendary Addams Family theme song also notably features Wednesday Addams’ cello, which is a significant instrument in the Netflix series. When performed in a particular manner, the big string instrument provides a rather gothic tone that is ideal for Wednesday Addams’ tastes.

Jenna Ortega took cello lessons after she was cast as Wednesday, two months before filming began, in order to play the instrument authentically.

7. This is Jenna Ortega's third comic book film (Wednesday), after Richie Rich (2013) and Iron Man 3.


Jenna Ortega, then just 11 years old, appeared in Iron Man 3 as a small supporting character (2013). The actress was only briefly seen in one scene, playing the Vice President Rodriguez’s daughter, who teams up with Killian, the antagonist of the movie, in exchange for the promise that Killian will be able to cure his daughter’s condition.

Jenna Ortega joins a select group of actors who, like Jenna Coleman and Kate Mara, played minor roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when they were still relatively unknown. Being far more well-known performers now, these future stars would probably be recast or given considerably greater roles.

8. The Wednesday dance scene was choreographed entirely by Jenna Ortega.


Anyone who has watched the show or used TikTok will immediately recognise the scene I’m referring to. Jenna claims that she learned how to dance in goth clubs in the 1980s and studied Young Wednesday from a 1960s Addams Family sitcom. It obviously paid off since not only are the show’s cast and crew gushing about the dance, but it has also grown to be one of the most well-liked trends and dances on TikTok right now!

9. Actually, Netflix paid a professional illusionist to portray the iconic severed hand in Wednesday.


Contrary to what most fans believed, the Thing segment was not inserted after filming using CGI. Actually, Netflix paid a professional illusionist to portray the iconic severed hand. A blue suit worn by the illusionist could be removed later. In order to capture the ideal angles for the character, he spent hours lurking under walls, underneath tables, and beneath floors.

Both the aforementioned Victor Dorobantu, who played Thing in the television series, and Christopher Hart, who portrayed the sneaky hand in the ’90s films, are magicians.

10. The lone actor from a previous Addams Family production to participate in Wednesday's debut season is Christina Ricci.


Fans of the Addams Family will recognise Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values, as botany teacher Marilyn Thornhill (1993). Ricci, according to Jenna Ortega, was encouraging on set and never brought up “her” Wednesday because she trusted Jenna Ortega to develop the part on her own. Tim Burton and ChristinaRicci previously worked together on Sleepy Hollow (1999)

11. The part that Ricci ultimately played was originally cast for Thora Birch in Wednesday.


Birch was reportedly cast in the role of Tamara Novak, described by Deadline as “Wednesday’s dorm mother and the only ‘Normie’ on staff at Nevermore Academy with a focus on all things botanical.” The only item that hasn’t been checked by Ricci’s Marilyn Thornhill is the name, despite the fact that it was first claimed that the part hadn’t been recast.

Some More Fun facts about Netflix Series Wednesday

12. With a total of 341.2 million hours watched, Wednesday exceeded the previous record of 335.01 million hours established by Stranger Things Season 4.

13. The word “woe” appears in each episode’s title from the first season of Wednesday


14. To prepare for her role in Wednesday, Jenna Ortega studied the cello in addition to fencing, archery, canoeing, German, and boxing.

15. Wednesday has a coffee shop called The Weathervane, which is also the name of the literary magazine from high school where Charles Addams first published the Addams Family cartoons.


16. On May 19, 2021, a Wednesday, it was revealed that Jenna Ortega would portray “Wednesday” Addams.

17. Only the first and last episodes of the first season of Wednesday have the whole opening credits; the others only display the episode’s title and name.

18. The student literary journal at Westfield High School, where Charles Addams, the creator of the Addams family, started working as an art editor and published his drawings, also goes by the name The Weathervane.


19. The character was represented by Ted Cassidy in the 1960s TV series, who stood 6’9″, Carel Struycken in the 1990s movies, who stands 7′, John DeSantis in the 1990s TV programme, who stands 6’9″, and Zachary James on Broadway, who stands 6’6″.

20. To ensure that Ricci’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams remained as original as possible, Ortega made a point of avoiding conversation with her about the role.

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