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Donald Trump will face Nikki Haley on her terms and on her territory

Nikki Haley reaffirmed her resolve and vowed to fight on Tuesday, despite having already lost twice to former President Donald Trump in her pursuit of the Republican presidential candidacy. “This race is far from over,” Haley told her supporters after Trump’s victory in the state of New Hampshire’s inaugural national primary. Two days after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis withdrew from the campaign and endorsed Trump—the most recent in a series of endorsements the former president has received—Haley declared her decision to run again. Haley trailed Trump in New Hampshire with 75% of the vote, 55% to 44%. In her home state of South Carolina, where Trump has immense popularity, her odds are far worse.

Haley and her supporters, nevertheless, insist that she still has a shot to become the GOP nominee. Polls indicate that she will defeat President Joe Biden in November and do better than him against Trump. Her team claims that she can win over independent or undecided voters who are disenchanted with both Biden and Trump and who are qualified to vote in numerous states’ open primaries.

Super Tuesday, when Haley faces Trump in South Carolina, is quickly approaching

Right now, Haley’s attention is on South Carolina, where she was twice elected governor and will face Trump in February. Haley made reference to the March Super Tuesday primary, in which voters from sixteen states would choose their nominee for president. Prepare for the polls by reviewing our voter guide, which lists the presidential contenders along with their positions on significant issues. During the next two months, millions of voters will have a say, and Haley said in her concession speech that “we should honor them and allow them to vote.”

After losing in New Hampshire, Haley has now conceded to Trump twice in a week. After Trump and DeSantis, she placed third in the Iowa Caucuses held last week. Haley’s campaign manager, Betsy Ankney, sent out a statement ahead of the New Hampshire primary results that sent a clear message to those who believed Haley should drop out of the race. In her concession speech, Haley made light of Biden and Trump. She lambasted Biden “for making one bad decision after another – when he’s making any decision at all.” “You have one bout of chaos after another” with Donald Trump, she said, “this court case, that controversy, this tweet, that senior moment.”

Haley is carrying on with her campaign in spite of Trump’s legal issues; a GOP strategist advises doing so

Some Republicans contend that Trump’s legal troubles and the uncertainty they have brought to the GOP election may have contributed to Haley’s decision to stay in the race. Trump has been charged with 91 felonies in four state and federal prosecutions; among the charges are allegations that he tried to rig the 2020 election, which Biden won. New York-born Republican strategist William F. B. O’Reilly counseled Haley, who served as Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, to keep running for office as long as possible—at least through the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee in July. The contest will be officially declared concluded when the party distributes its delegates to the candidates.

“With so much criminal litigation on the table for Trump, it would be ill-advised for Ambassador Haley to withdraw from the race after New Hampshire, win or lose,” he stated. “One conviction has the power to drastically change the outcome of this contest. Why would she ever give up her status as the front-runner’s second choice?”According to O’Reilly, Haley should continue to emphasize her higher polling numbers than Biden as the Trump cases come to a close.

The strategy employed by the Haley campaign is to prioritize survey results while focusing on South Carolina

On Tuesday, Haley’s team published a three-page statement that included many justifications for extending the competition. First, polls show that most Americans would rather have a choice in November other than Trump and Biden. Ankney claims that independent voters have historically aided Republican candidates in winning, such as Trump in 2016. There is no party registration required to vote in the South Carolina Republican primary, thus anyone who hasn’t participated in the Democratic primary yet is welcome to do so.

“Against all odds, South Carolina elected Nikki governor twice,” said Ankney. “…because they experienced Nikki’s strong conservative record firsthand, the people of South Carolina KNOW it.”As Haley is a native of South Carolina, she believes it will be more difficult for Donald Trump to falsely criticize her, she told her supporters Tuesday night. Nevertheless, Haley may have a difficult campaign in the Sunshine State. Last week, a survey in that category showed Trump ahead of Hillary by forty points.

Voters in New Hampshire back Haley’s campaign even though she lost

New Hampshire voters felt that Haley should continue in the race no matter what happened in the state’s election.Janet Kelliher, a retiree who backed Haley on Tuesday, said, “We can’t have Trump in office again.””There needs to be some kind of choice come November,” Kelliher said, although she would not say if she would back Haley in the general election.Even though retiree Mary Donovan would have hoped that Haley had done better in New Hampshire, she expressed her gratitude that she is still participating in the race. Donovan says she puts in a lot of work. “She intends to exert every effort possible.”

Allie Cable, a Concord resident, stated that she still plans to support Haley and has high hopes for her campaign, even after the loss in New Hampshire. “I think she’s going to have a lot of momentum even though it was a loss tonight,” she said. Retired Manchester teacher Norine Calvano said that Haley should “absolutely” stay in the race. Calvano, an independent who was registered to vote, backed the departing South Carolina governor. She said, “I believe she’s someone who’s going to bring things back to somewhat normal.”



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