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Deadly wildfire grows into largest in Texas history

Northern Texas is still seeing a number of sizable wildfires, one of which has developed into the biggest fire in the state’s history.

The Texas A&M Forest Service reports that as of Thursday morning, the Hutchinson County fire known as the Smokehouse Creek Fire was still active. It had burned an estimated 1,075,000 acres and was just 3% contained. With 1,050,000 acres burned in Texas and 25,000 acres scorched in Oklahoma, the fires have expanded across state boundaries and now encompass an area larger than Rhode Island.

According to the Texas A&M Forest Service, the East Amarillo Complex Fire, which burnt in Hutchinson County in 2006, was the biggest fire in the history of the state, spanning slightly under one million acres.

The reason for the current spate of explosive wildfires in the Texas Panhandle

According to Amarillo ABC affiliate KVII, Hutchinson County Public Engagement Coordinator Deidra Thomas verified that at least one person died as a result of a wildfire in the small Texas community of Stinnett.

As of Wednesday night, the Moore County-started Windy Deuce Fire remained active, having scorched an estimated 142,000 acres and being 30% contained. The Texas A&M Forest Service reports that as of early Wednesday, the Grape Vine Fire, which started in nearby Grey County, had burnt an estimated 30,000 acres and was 60% contained. There

Large portions of the 120-year-old, 80,000-acre private ranch called Turkey Track Ranch, which is situated in the Texas Panhandle near the Canadian River, have been destroyed by the raging wildfires. The expansive, historically significant ranch is marketed for $180 million and is currently for sale.

“We believe this is the most significant loss in our history—losses to cattle, crops, and wildlife, as well as ranch fencing and other infrastructure throughout our property and other ranches and homes throughout the region,” Turkey Track Ranch Family Group officials stated in a statement on Wednesday. According to our preliminary assessment, The Turkey Track Ranch has suffered and lost almost 80 percent of its plains, pastures, and vegetation along creek bottoms. We are still evaluating the overall harm to additional infrastructure and the loss of livestoke

Partially evacuated nuclear facility following “devastating” Texas wildfires that lead to a disaster declaration

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas issued a disaster declaration for sixty counties on Tuesday, citing “widespread wildfire activity throughout the state.”

Relative humidity will be high on Thursday, along with lower temperatures and a risk of rain and snow for the Texas Panhandle. These conditions will aid in the fight against wildfires. Although wind gusts of up to 30 mph are possible, they won’t be as strong as they were earlier in the week.

This weekend, however, is predicted to bring uncharacteristically warm and windy weather back to the wildfire-ravaged area, which will provide the perfect environment for a major fire threat. It is predicted that the Texas Panhandle would have temperatures above 70 and perhaps 80 degrees Fahrenheit fromFriday through Sunday, while wind gusts could be 30 to 45 mph.



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