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Case Heads to Jury After Closing Arguments Conclude. Trump returns to the courtroom for his lawyer’s closing argument

As she denied that he had sexually abused her and called her a liar, E. Jean Carroll’s attorney made her last argument to the jury over what damages, if any, he should pay her client. According to Donald J. Trump’s attorney, Ms. Carroll did not experience any mental discomfort.

On Friday, as the attorneys attempting the defamation case filed against him by E. Jean Carroll concluded their arguments to the jury consisting of nine members, former President Donald J. Trump left the courthouse.

The jury will determine how much money, if any, Mr. Trump has to pay Ms. Carroll in damages after he called her a liar and claimed that her account of his alleged sexual assault was a fiction, during the final statements in a federal court in Manhattan.

Roberta A. Kaplan, Ms. Carroll’s attorney, told the jury, “This is the time to make him pay for it, and this is the time to make him pay dearly.”

Ms. Kaplan centred her argument on the damage she said Mr. Trump caused to her client and her reputation, stating that the goal of the trial is to “get him to stop once and for all.” She stressed that spending as much money as possible on him was the only way to do this.

She did not request a set figure in punitive damages, but rather at least $24 million for emotional distress and reputational loss. Instead, pointing out that “billions of dollars to Donald Trump is just a drop in the bucket,” she advised the jurors to not set any restrictions.

Ms. Kaplan said the jury that Mr. Trump had normalised the activities of those on social media who believed it was okay to abuse Ms. Carroll as a result of his actions. Not long after, Mr. Trump got up and left the courtroom in an uncommon display of disrespect, but Ms. Kaplan carried on as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

At approximately 11:15 a.m., over an hour after he had departed, Mr. Trump made his way back to the courtroom right as his attorney, Alina Habba, started her final statements. Referring to her client as the victim, Ms. Habba contended that there was no evidence connecting Mr. Trump’s remarks to the suffering Ms. Carroll claimed to have experienced.

Never made a police call. never submitted a report. possesses no proof, Ms. Habba declared. The truth and the person who appears in court demanding money from my client are the two sides of E. Jean Carroll, she stated.

Even before the proceedings started, Trump repeatedly shook his head in frustration. Upon hearing Ms. Kaplan recount the May 2017 ruling that concluded Trump had molested Carroll, he became increasingly irate, scoffing, grumbling, and shaking his head.

Without warning, he stood up and slowly made his way outside, followed by another of his lawyers. Gazing at him, stunned reporters and other spectators in the courtroom strained to get a closer look. He was soon being drawn by a sketch artist leaving the courtroom.

As he campaigns for a second term in office, Mr. Trump has utilised his appearances to win over people by presenting himself as the victim of a political conspiracy.

In May of last year, a jury in a previous trial determined that Mr. Trump was guilty of assaulting Ms. Carroll sexually in a department store dressing room during the 1990s and making a defamatory statement about her in 2022.

The present trial centres on remarks he made three years prior, following Ms. Carroll’s initial public accusations of his rape in a 2019 New York magazine piece, and his subsequent attacks on her on social media, CNN, and during the campaign trail.

Lewis A. Kaplan, the judge, has decided that the jury’s only consideration will be the issue of damages. The identity of the seven men and two women on the jury have not been disclosed.

Even between themselves, the judge counselled them not to reveal their identities.

Attorneys for Ms Carroll highlighted her evidence, in which she talked about how terrified she was to read about the rape and death threats she received after making the claims public in 2019. They contend that rather than just rejecting the charges, Mr. Trump persecuted Ms. Carroll, calling her a liar in remarks made at press conferences and on his Truth Social website.
According to Mr. Trump’s attorneys, Ms. Carroll started the backlash against herself. They contend that she solicited the criticism by agreeing to interviews for podcasts and television shows. “The plaintiff in this case used her narrative to gain as much notoriety and fame as she could,” Alina



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