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California flood warnings live updates: Tens of millions facing ‘potentially historic’ severe storm

Record rain

The National Weather Service reports that 2.39 inches of rain fell at the Santa Barbara Airport, surpassing the previous record of half an inch set in 1990. Although there were some cancellations and delays at Californian airports on Monday, the storm’s effects on air travel were not very noticeable.

These are the most recent advancements.

Numerous emergency rescues were compelled by a record-breaking storm in California, which also caused power outages for hundreds of thousands of people. On Monday, it was anticipated that the system will stall over the Los Angeles region and cause more flooding.

With less intense but continuous showers predicted to last until Tuesday, forecasters warned that the most dangerous part of the storm might still be ahead despite Sunday’s tremendous rains that brought rising floodwaters, high gusts, and mudslides that devastated homes.

The National Weather Service reports that more than four inches of rain fell on Sunday in Downtown Los Angeles, shattering a century-old record for day precipitation on February 4. It was expected that Monday will bring eight to fourteen inches of rain to some regions of Southern California, which may equal Los Angeles’s average annual rainfall total of fourteen inches in a single day.

Joe Sirard, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Oxnard, California, stated, “We’ve got more rain coming, heavy rain, through the overnight hours.” Oxnard is located north of Los Angeles. “Plus the rain we had earlier this week, plus the rain we have already had.”

On Monday, a lot of Southern California schools will be open.

Despite the state’s struggles with floods, mudslides, and intense rain, most Southern California school districts, including Los Angeles Unified, the second-largest in the nation, planned to keep most schools open on Monday, according to officials.

Alberto Carvalho, the superintendent of Los Angeles, stated during a press conference on Sunday that many pupils rely on schools for basic sustenance, which is why he had chosen not to close the majority of the district. According to him, the effects of the wind and rain will also differ significantly by neighbourhood, so many schools won’t be as heavily impacted.

In California, more than 500,000 people lack power.

As of 9:30 a.m. (6:30 a.m. PT), over 529,000 households and businesses are without electricity in the Golden State due to the ongoing rain.

The majority of outages are located in northern and central California; Mendocino County has more than 23,400 customers without power, Sonoma County reports more than 38,000, and San Mateo County reports more than 54,000.

Approximately 4,000 of the 2 million subscribers in Los Angeles are not getting service.

Another day when California is at high risk of flash flooding

With nearly 10 inches of rain falling in the UCLA region and a month’s worth of rain falling in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, there is still a high risk of flash flooding in California on Monday.

The NOAA’s Weather Prediction Centre issues high-risk warnings for heavy rainfall and flash flooding on days when about 80% of flood-related damages and 40% of flood-related fatalities occur.

As of Monday morning, Southern California is being drenched by torrential rain; reports of flash flooding and debris flows have come from the Hollywood Hills region.

The area most at risk of flash flooding is inland towards Big Bear Lake and from Los Angeles to Long Beach. Tuesday, there will be more rain from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Three people in San Bernadino County were rescued from a tree by swift floodwaters.

Early on Monday, fire officials said that three persons were pulled from a tree in San Bernardino County after their automobile became “submerged in rapid flood waters.”

Around 12:30 a.m., along Keenbrook Road west of Cajon Boulevard, a rapid water rescue team arrived to assist the three stranded individuals, according to San Bernardino County Fire.

The department reported that all three had been successfully retrieved after two in the morning. They were checked for hypothermia but did not sustain any injuries.



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