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Biden and Trump Both Seek to Portray a Rematch as Inevitable

With two wins so far in the Republican primary, Donald Trump is comfortably ahead of his rival in Nikki Haley’s home state. The United Automobile Workers are expected to provide President Biden with a significant endorsement.

Trump’s New Hampshire Victory

After securing a decisive victory in New Hampshire on Tuesday, President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump are gearing up for a rematch in the upcoming general elections. Despite voters expressing reluctance in multiple interviews and polls over the past few months, the majority is casting their votes for both candidates, accepting the possibility of a reiteration of the 2016 contest.

President Biden is garnering significant support, attempting to build a broad base of endorsements, including from the United Automobile Workers, whose strike he supported during the last election. Meanwhile, Trump faced unity challenges among Republicans after his landslide victory on Tuesday, with party officials on social media announcing the end of the competition. However, the results have also highlighted potential weaknesses in Trump’s support, particularly among independent and college-educated voters.

As Trump’s one remaining primary opponent, Nikki Haley, faced continued attacks from him, Republican lawmakers rallied around Trump following his 11-point victory. Despite some GOP officials declaring the end of the competition, Wyoming Republican Representative Harriet Hazeman noted that it was never a real contest.

The outcome has reshaped Trump’s potential vulnerabilities. Independent and college-educated voters gave significant priority to Haley, causing Trump’s discontent, leading him to launch an attack on her just hours after her defeat. Trump intensified his criticism during the campaign, promoting a nativist conspiracy theory that she is not an American citizen.

Haley, returning to her home state of South Carolina on Wednesday, initiated advertising for the primaries on February 24. While she faces challenges, Trump’s campaign struggles without any significant resources. In a morning interview with journalists on Wednesday, Mark Harris, the chief strategist for the Super PAC supporting Haley, acknowledged the need to improve relations with Republican and conservative voters, not just independent candidates, emphasizing the importance of providing a realistic alternative.

Biden’s Easy Win in New Hampshire Primaries

In New Hampshire, despite not appearing on the ballot, President Biden easily defeated two Democratic challengers, Dean Phillips and self-help author Marianne Williamson. The official Democratic primary, organized after New Hampshire officially withdrew from hosting it, was boycotted by Biden’s supporters, who instead ran a write-in campaign. Right-in votes are still being counted, but Wednesday morning saw the closest competitor, Phillips, accepting defeat with less than 20% of the Democratic vote.

President Biden is preparing to take control of his re-election campaign by sending his top aides, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon and Mike Donilon, to the White House. The current campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, hopes to retain her position. The Republican primary in New Hampshire set a state record with over 300,000 votes, surpassing the previous record set by Democrats in 2020. Nevada will host a Republican caucus on February 8, where Haley is absent, participating instead in the Republican primary two days earlier.

Nevada Primary Elections and Upcoming Campaign Structure

A key event in the primary season, the Republican caucus in Nevada is scheduled for February 8. It’s interesting to note that Haley actively participated in the Republican primary two days prior despite opting not to run in Nevada’s campaign. This pick reflects priorities and strategic considerations in the context of the GOP primary’s changing terrain.

Even though Trump has no competition in the Republican primary, Nevada becomes a focus area for his campaign in an attempt to maintain momentum and mobilise support. Due to the way the contest is playing out and the lack of direct opposition for the Republican nominee in Nevada, Trump is able to solidify his lead without being challenged right away.



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