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Apple surpasses Samsung as the top seller of smartphones.

International research Corp research indicates that Apple overthrew Samsung Electronics’ 12-year hegemony as the world’s top smartphone manufacturer in 2023 after gaining a 20% market share. Preliminary data from IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker shows that Samsung had a 19.4% market share at the end of the year, ahead of Xiaomi, Oppo, and Transsion from China. This change in leadership follows a challenging year marked by pervasive uncertainty and sluggish smartphone upgrades for consumers as a result of issues with the global economy and growing inflation. The world’s largest smartphone market, China, is seeing a delayed resurgence, which has an impact on worldwide phone sales.

“Apple Faces Competition and Offers Discounts in China; Unveils Sustainable 15-floor Facility with 1,200 Employees”

But in addition to Huawei’s comeback in China, low-cost Chinese businesses are also putting pressure on Apple. The iPhone maker is offering unusual discounts of up to 5% on a certain models in the nation in an attempt to draw in customers. 1,200 workers who work in software, hardware, services, information systems and technology (IS&T), and customer support will reside in Apple’s 15-story structure. There will be a café, wellness areas, collaborative spaces, and labs all within the complex. The office will prioritise sustainability by using only locally sourced materials, exhibiting native plants, putting best practices for energy conservation into practice, operating entirely on renewable energy, and striving for LEED Platinum certification.

“Apple Expands Presence in Bangalore, India, with Innovative Office Space and Collaborative Teams”

With the opening of a new site in Bangalore, Apple is happy to increase its footprint in India. A statement from Apple via email claims that many of their outstanding teams—including those in software engineering, hardware technology, operations, customer service, and much more—are already based in this vibrant metropolis. The goal of this workspace, like everything we do at Apple, is to foster relationships, creativity, and innovation. It’s the perfect location for team support. Apple maintains offices in India in Gurugram, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. With over 3,000 workers in the nation, the iPhone maker collaborates on environmental initiatives and community empowerment with groups like Frank Water and works with regional suppliers to support significant job development.

“Apple Surpasses Samsung, Achieves 20.1% Global Smartphone Market Share in 2023 Amid Market Downturn” 

Furthermore, Apple has surpassed Samsung as the world’s biggest smartphone provider, marking an important milestone. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), Apple outperformed all other brands in smartphone sales in 2023, achieving a global market share of 20.1%. During the same period, Samsung had a 19.4% market share. Notably, Apple’s success in surpassing Samsung comes amidst a substantial market slowdown, with smartphone shipments falling by 3.2% to 1.17 billion devices. According to the survey, Apple’s amazing success stems from its diversified and wide iPhone portfolio, as well as increased competition in the Android industry. Despite a significant market slump, Apple has outperformed Samsung, strengthening its leadership in the smartphone business. 

“Apple Emerges as Top Smartphone Vendor in 2023 with 20.1% Market Share Amid Global Sales Decline”

Despite a decline in smartphone sales worldwide, new product releases and feature additions are anticipated to grow the industry in 2024. The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that in 2023, Apple sold 234.6 million phones, outpacing Samsung’s 226.6 million units. Apple is now the biggest smartphone seller in 2023, holding a large market share of 20.1%. 2023 saw a 3.2% decline in worldwide smartphone sales to 1.7 billion handsets. According to Nabila Popal of IDC’s Worldwide Tracker Team, Apple was the undisputed winner in the second half of 2023, even if several low-cost Android phones did well.

“Samsung Drops from Top Vendor Spot in 2023, Ending a Reign Since 2010”

Since 2010, when Apple did not even rank in the top five, Samsung has not been the leading vendor for the first time. 2010 saw Nokia lead the market with 453 million units sold, followed by Samsung with 280.2 million units. For context, the manufacturers of BlackBerry devices sold 48.8 million units in 2010, placing them fifth on the list.



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